Friday, February 13, 2009

Fancy Free

It would be nice to get out of bed. You folks with jobs and busy lives may think, "gosh it would be nice to stay in bed", but believe me the reality of it sucks wads. Being a shut-in is one thing, being an enforced shut-in is quite another, and being forced to lay in bed for a year is really to be avoided at all costs. I, being in the third case myself, would not recommend it. What I wouldn't give to go outside, to feel the wind in my face, to gaze across the deep blue waters of Gitchigoomie, to get lost once more in her cool embrace.

Some people actually choose this existance and are afraid to venture forth from thier abode, while others simply forget that there is another life, another world, outside of thier dark holes. I could not dream of such a nightmare, but it was my life for many years after my accident, alone and annoyed in my little room. Maybe I was afraid of what others would think of my broken body, maybe I wanted to hide. It took me allot of time to come to a place where I believed in myself, but eventually I did. I ventured outside, I met people, had me a life, wife, kid.... And a good ten years of living it, with ups and downs as is ever the case.

Then came the news that I had a hole in my ass in which you could hide a hens egg. Not the usual hole either. No, this was a whole new hole which just popped up one day, grown in my rotting flesh. Excuse me, my over pressurised rotting flesh. Who knew if you put pressure on flesh it goes bad? Well, actually it is something they teach you in hospital, but who was I to believe it? I was stupid, that's who.

So after roughly a year of healing up from that, I put it behind me (figuratively) and hoped never to go back. Then boom, smack, wanko, here we go again. I get another hole in my ass, and some rotting bone, and a few more wounds until I'm some kind of funpark for wound nurses in training. That's right, they love it when I show up because I got a roadmap of every kind of wound there is on my ass. Woo Hoo!

I'm glad I can entertain someone. (wry grin)

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