Wednesday, July 29, 2009

True Lost

In sombre dreams of infinite
passionate toil for sustenance
eloquent speeches go on deaf ears
no reward for patient stupidity
rambling out our worst fears to
a cold audience no longer in tune
we wonder what happened to the past
to love and the spring of love
to feeling it so deep it hurts
and the pain of the loss of the drive
the push pull drive of true love
the ache of losing it like danger and
hate and no rewards and thinking
what happened to the fresh new blessing
of the blossom of all that truth
the truth we hear in our heart
when we first meet that one
did we do it wrong did we pass it by
for a false sense of enclosed smugness
confident comfort that it could never end
even if in our years we grew to think
the other knew enough that
we didn't ever need to talk
a false confidence of togetherness
without the balls to back it up
did we do it to ourselves
or was it all my blindness for
not seeing the truth that you
were slipping away and could
not feel my love anymore
was it my pain and my sickness
my selfishness that drove you
to fall away from the dream of forever
and family and growing old together

Free verse, July 2009
by Peter Wetherall