Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brane Cosmology and Black Holes

I have an idea. They (the physicists of fame) say black holes suck up all this energy, light, even time. The black hole sucks it all to a point of singularity, where it goes "poof". But the problem is there can't just be a "poof" because matter and energy cannot be destroyed. So what if black holes hold and store the energy at the point of singularity until a brane happens to run into the singularity. As the brane intersects with the singularity, the singularity explodes into the space of the brane, thus creating a new "big bang" universe on the intersecting brane. Maybe this happens all the time. Maybe the black hole is like the womb of the Universe and singularities are the ova. Yeah, okay, its a stretch. But hey, it's late here at the zoo.

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