Friday, February 6, 2009

The Devils Dance

listen yea fair folk and listen well
this is the door to fairy hell
the iron gate to down below
that leads to where the bogles go

beyond the gate a stair goes down
below the earth far under ground
it leads to a place of fire and air
so i bid thee fair folk do beware

beyond the stair is a tunnel all black
and if you go in you're not coming back
for it comes to a pit all full of fire
and there the dark one does conspire

his evil minions shout and prance
and spin thier deeds in the devils dance
they set thier blades to the dark ones call
bestowing thier evil upon one and all

so i bid thee fair folk to take heed
lest thee are bound to the dark ones creed
and into that dark place do not stray
for if you do you shall surely pay

- the devils dance
by sarvil rover, 11722 f.c. (fae calender)

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