Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alas I Missed It...

Did I mention I hate Blogs? Well I do. Such a waste of time, and I have little to spare. Who, after all, wants to read my opinion, eh?

Tonight is beer night however, where I and a bunch of my friends sit around, drink beer, eat pizza and play Dungeons and Dragons. Imagine the foolishness of it, a bunch of forty to fifty year old guys playing sillly games. Oh how joyously trivial it all seems. But I have nothing better to do, except lay around on my face trying to heal.

I guess I could tell you inspiring stories about beeing a quad and such, having a five-year old, and what a challenge life is and all that kind of crap. But really, in this day and age life is a challenge for all of us humans what with global warming, washing dishes, pig farms and geneticly engineered hamburgers. Living life sitting down seems rather dull compared to all of that. Do you really want the tastiest pork on the planet, if you get a super-germ that wipes out all life along with it?

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